Post Pregnancy

Well, I’m 7 weeks out from having our newest little guy, and because of it, I’ve got some new things I’m trying out. Not to mention, this third pregnancy really did a number on my body. We will get to that in a minute though. It’s taken me about a month to get to a place where I feel I am semi back to normal life, and my body has almost completely healed up.

Working Out

I knew after this third baby I wanted to start working out again. I’ve never actually liked to work out. I was a gymnast for 11 years so that was fun “working out” 20 hours per week, but once I quit I never really enjoyed working out at a gym with weights and machines and such. Luckily, for me, I’ve always lived on a farm, and the farm work was enough to keep me in consistently good shape. But, even though we live on a farm now, I have a much harder time getting outside to do hard work with three small children at my side at all times. That being said, the past 3-4 years, my body has not been in good shape. I’m what you would call “skinny fat.” Makes me chuckle to say those words. If you looked at me (especially my legs), I look skinny and probably decently lean… but under those cute skinny jeans are some untoned and not fit legs. Not to mention my stomach and arms.

All that to say, since this is the last baby I plan on having, I’m a bit more motivated to get in shape and help my body get healthy. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I might actually need a workout plan since I’m not doing as much farm work as I wish I was. Maybe when my youngest is 3-4 years old, I’ll be back outside doing enough farm work on a daily basis to keep my body fit without working out. But until then, I knew I needed something.

Thankfully, I have a sister that owns a Crossfit gym. And what I love about her is that she’s not an extreme Crossfitter. She’s chosen to keep her Crossfit life low key, and she’s great at helping people adjust Crossfit to their personal needs. She did some programming (what Crossfit folks call “workouts”) for me that I can do at home. She started me out with 5 simple workouts. What I love about Crossfit workouts is how little time they take. I can stretch and have my workout done in about 20 minutes. Now, she could have given me ones that take longer, but she knows I don’t like to workout and that I don’t have much time for it. 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time for me to set aside to workout 5x/week.

I’ve done my first week of workouts, and I feel really great. I’m weak. Actually, very weak. But it feels so good to be working out again. It feels good to know that I’m working on getting my body strong and back in shape. I have no desire to be crazy fit, but I do have a desire to be healthy and decently strong. Besides, I need those muscles for lifting those 50 pounds bags of chicken feed and driving in those fence posts!


Now, on to my next post-pregnancy issue. I throw up (A LOT) during my pregnancies, and I also can’t brush my teeth much because it makes me throw up more. Needless to say, pregnancy does my teeth in. I have probably had two cavities in my whole life up until I was pregnanct. After my second child, I had 4-5 cavities, and it took $700 to fix them. Knowing that my teeth didn’t handle the last pregnancy well, I went in to see the dentist right after I had number three. Well, it was very bad news. 9 cavities and $1,400 to get everything fixed. Oh gosh!

Somewhere in the midst of my health research, I had occasionally run across teeth remineralization and even healing cavities. Since $1,400 is a LOT of money to spend on my teeth, and I really do want to fix the problem, I decided to research it more. I read everything Wellness Mama has written about teeth. I searched “teeth” on her website and read every blog post. What’s great is that she did a ton of research on it so I was able to just glean from her and save myself some time.

Basically, I came away with I’m going to try to heal my teeth myself. I’m going to give it 4-6 months and see if I can make an improvement. If not, I’ll get the cavities filled. Here’s an overview of what I’m trying, but you can find all the info on Wellness Mama’s website if you are interested…

  • diet low in phyltic acid (I’ll explain more in a minute)
  • new toothbrush and new way of brushing
  • brushing with oil and tooth powder
  • daily oil pulling with coconut oil
  • adding healthy fats to my diet
  • vitamin D

That’s a basic overview of what I’m trying. I really hope it works! I’m all up for trying to heal things naturally first.


First of all, let me clarify, I NEVER diet in the traditional sense of the word. My husband and I don’t try new diets to lose weight. We adjust what we are eating to work on making our bodies feel better. For example, one time a friend suggested we cut out dairy and see how we felt. We tried it for a week not really sure if we’d like it. Our bodies felt so good without dairy, we decided to mostly cut it out of our diet all together. We still get butter or cheese as a special treat here or there, but in general, we are a dairy free family. After our first child was born, we ended up eating an all raw diet (vegan and not cooking anything over 105 degrees). I easily lost all my baby weight eating that way, and I felt the best I had ever felt in my whole life. My husband and I would still love to do short periods of all raw, because we both felt so clean and energetic. It was just hard for us to maintain, because there was a lot of prep work involved for each meal.

For the past few years, we mostly eaten seasonal, rarely had meat or dairy or gluten. We eat 100% organic and do as much local produce as we can. Since all the stuff has happened with my teeth, I’m going to make a few other changes. Apparently, phyltic acid isn’t great for your teeth so I’m cutting out foods that are high in it… nuts, seeds, and grains. I’ll probably increase my meat a bit since it would be hard to get protein without nuts, seeds, and my staple of quinoa. So yes, I am dieting. But not in the normal sense of the word. I do want to lose the rest of my baby weight, but most importantly, I want to be healthy. Right now, my teeth are showing me that they aren’t healthy at all so I’m really going to focus on them and what they need.

Healthy Me

I’m not much of a trend person. I rarely jump on what is trending. I tend to catch up slowly to what is “in.” I do what feels best for me. I’ve tried a few different ways of eating, but I always come back to what makes me feel best. Usually that’s lots of vegetables, some fruit and oils, and very little (if not zero) animal products. When I’m pregnant, I’m so sick I just have to eat what sounds good which isn’t always what’s most healthy. So I’m excited to have my “normal” self back that isn’t nauseated so that I can start intentionally eating what makes my body feel good.

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