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Having a clutter and toxic free bathroom is a huge deal to me. I love having a minimal amount of safe products. After I started eating organic, I realized toxins were also entering my body through my personal care products. I started with researching shampoo and conditioner and slowly worked my way through each personal care product I had. For the first few years, I just bought safer products, but as I started working towards a zero waste home, I also started trying to make my own. It turned out to be much easier than I expected.

My Bathroom Cabinet

Here’s my bathroom cabinet. First off, let me assure you, it doesn’t always look this organized. I’ve been sick (pregnant with #3) for 14 weeks. I basically haven’t cared about anything except trying to get my family fed a decent meal 3x a day. Everything else was put on the back burner. This week, I’m finally feeling better so the organized, clutter-free Lauren is kicking back into full gear. I’m starting with my bathroom.

Homemade Products

Deodorant  –  Toothpaste  –  Coconut Oil (body and face moisturizer and make up remover)  –   Body Butter (same recipe as my furniture wax, wood dish sealant, and lip balm)  –  Honey (face mask)  –  Dry Shampoo  –  Hairspray

Store Bought Products

Makeup  –  Deoderant  –  Nail Polish  –  Baby Shampoo  –  Baby Bubble Bath  –  Magnesium spray (for pregnancy)

My shower also includes store bought soap and conditioner. I would love to only have products I’ve made myself or bought from bulk containers. And by bulk containers, I don’t mean buying at Costco or Sam’s Club. I mean taking my own jar and being able to fill it up with shampoo or conditioner or other products from a large container that the store has. We live in a small town though so right now that’s not an option. I’ve learned to make a few products myself and the rest I have to buy. Each year though, I learn to make more so eventually I might be able to make almost everything myself.

For products I do have to purchase, my favorite website is EWG’s Skin Deep Database. They have a database full of tens of thousands of personal care products. They rank everything on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being safe and toxic-free. You can look up anything in your bathroom and most likely find not only a rating for it, but also what is in it causing it to score that number. I try to keep every product I buy at a 0 or 1. I also make sure it comes in recyclable packaging.

Make It Yourself

Making your own products is my favorite option for products and is much simpler than it seems. The hardest part is finding a recipe you like. There are thousands of DIY recipes on the Internet. I, personally, make sure they are simple and easy to make. Most of mine have only 2-4 ingredients. Many of those ingredients can already be found in my kitchen. For example, baking soda, coconut oil, cornstarch, cocoa, sugar, and peppermint oil. See? It really is more simple than it seems. I’ll post more details soon of different recipes I’ve chosen to use.

3 Tips for Detoxing Your Bathroom

1. Start with one product. If you are about to run out of shampoo, then spend this week finding an alternative. Check EWG’s website to see what your current brand scores and also research brands that scores 0-1 that you can purchase at at a local store you already shop at. If you really want to dive in, look into some recipes for making it yourself.

2. Simplify. If you can find a soap that can be used for your hair and your body in the shower, go for it. That’s one less product you have to find an alternative for. Only have one product for each need or like the soap example above, if you can find one product to meet multiple needs, do it!

3. Try several options. What works for my hair might not work for yours. Don’t be afraid to try several different store bought products or several different recipes till you settle on one that works best for you.

4 Responses to “Detoxing Your Bathroom”

  1. I have been through mass amounts of products in my search for a low toxin shampoo and conditioner which will leave my hair silky and moisturized. I haven’t been successful in finding one I that works for me. Your hair always looks so healthy; can you divulge which brand(s) of these products you prefer?

    • I go back and forth trying different things. I used Aubrey Organics for years, but the conditioner (lately) hasn’t been getting my hair detangled enough. I don’t know if my hair changed or the conditioner. Right now, I’m using Bert’s Bees. Used to be one of my favorite brands, but Clorox Bleach bought the company a few years back. The shampoo and conditioner are still great, but it’s hard for me to support a company like Clorox that does a lot of other products I don’t like or think are good for people or the enviroment.

  2. Thank you, Lauren. That sounds like my experience as well. I tried the “no shampooing” trend where I only washed it with baking soda every so often, and my hair went a bit crazy. I’ll keep digging around for more options. Blessings to you and your family.

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