Postpartum & Teeth

After I had my second child, I had about $900 worth of cavities that needed to be taken care of. My teeth were in bad shape. I didn’t eat terrible while I was pregnant, but for some reason, my teeth did not fair well after baby #2. When I had baby #3 about 9 months ago, I knew I needed to get into a dentist immediately to see what damage had been done.

Sure enough, I had about 9 cavities which would cost me around $1400 to fix. I don’t really like going to the dentist. I don’t like the scraping and drilling and all that goes along with it. I also don’t love the idea of fillings being put in my mouth. I don’t know what they are made out of, but I do know that it’s a plastic chemical composite of some sort. I’d rather have as little of that as possible in my mouth. Also, I could easily think of other ways I’d prefer to spend $1400.

I went home and googled “healing cavities.” I really didn’t even know if it was possible, but I thought to myself, “If broken bones can heal, surely teeth can do the same thing?” Sure enough, I ran across a lot of good information on Wellness Mama’s blog. I read every article she had on it, and then I ordered the book Cure Tooth Decay. I was fascinated by what I read.

What My Teeth Were Like

At the time I was reading the book, my teeth were in horrible condition. They were almost see through. Even on FaceTime, my mom said, “What is the matter with your teeth!?” That’s when I knew it must look really bad. FaceTime isn’t the best quality so the fact that she could see how bad the discoloring was  made me realize I was in bad shape. My teeth were also very sensitive. Cold and hot food or drinks really hurt. The cavities were all on the outside of my teeth and very easy to see and super sensitive also. I couldn’t brush my teeth without hurting.

Here’s some pictures below. These were taken a few weeks after I had started making some changes (which I’ll explain in a minute) so the discoloration was gone by this point. But you can see the decay – brown spots – very clearly still. I wish I had taken photos before I started making any changes. You would have seen how see through they were. If I rubbed my tongue on the back of my teeth, you could see my tongue through my teeth. Also, a lot of my teeth were loose which really worried me

Reversing Tooth Decay

If you have tooth decay, I highly recommend the book mentioned above. There’s too much info in it to do justice in a blog post, but it’s great information and not a hard read. Also, I am not a dentist or in any way trained. This is just my personal experience and how I tried naturally to reverse the major tooth problems I was having.

Here’s an overview of what I am currently doing…

1  | I oil pull for 10-20 minutes. I try to do this twice a day, but honestly, I’m lucky if I do it 5x per week. The best time, I’ve found, is while I’m showering.

2 | I brush with a remineralizing tooth powder recipe twice a day that I got from Wellness Mama and make myself.

3 | I brush with activated charcoal several times per week. I should probably do it once a day. I get mine at our local health food store but something like this works too.

4 | I floss once a day.

5 | I’ve changed how I brush my teeth. I use this toothbrush and love the new technique. Both my husband and I were incredibly impressed with how much cleaner our teeth felt using this brush and the technique the website recommends.

6 | I cut out as much phytic acid as possible which meant cutting out all grains and beans.

7 | If I eat seeds and nuts, I soak them for 24 hours in a salt solution and then rehydrate them before eating.

8 | I cut back on the fruit I was eating.

9 | The only sugar I have is a bit of maple syrup in my hot chocolate each day. I better be honest here though… I usually have three hot chocolates per day. They are made from raw, organic, local milk and raw fermented cacao (cacao is a bean which I shouldn’t have, but the fermented version is at least somewhat better for my teeth) and maple syrup, but chocolate is my “coffee.” So I definitely consume a lot of it.

10 | I added raw dairy into my diet. I haven’t been on dairy for years so this is a temporary but necessary change.

What Has Happened

Now, that is just an overview of what I’ve done. If you want to try to reverse cavities for yourself, I highly recommend you read the book. It gives a break down of how and why I am doing what I am. I’ve been doing the above steps for about 4 months. Within a week, my teeth were no longer see through or sensitive. My husband was shocked. He was on a business trip when I started the changes. We were on FaceTime, and the first thing he said was, “Wow! What did you do to your teeth? They look so much better!”

As of now, I can’t see much change in my cavities. They are no longer sensitive at all even if I purposely press on them, but they aren’t visually getting any better (or worse). I think the main reason I am not seeing more drastic healing of the cavities is because I am not being super strict in my diet. I am consuming some grains and some sugar. The next few weeks I am going to try to really buckle down and do the diet more strictly. There are some things the book recommends doing that I am not (bone broth, cod liver oil, etc.) for various reasons which is probably slowing down the healing process as well.

I am 100% convinced it is working though. My cavities aren’t getting worse, my teeth are no longer loose or sensitive, and the coloring is so much better.

If you are interested in reversing your own tooth decay, go for it! I didn’t write this post as an all inclusive “how to” so you will definitely need to get the book or do a little more research yourself. But, my hope is that now you can see that it is possible! I am still on the journey myself, but I can see drastic differences. I’m so excited that I won’t be spending $1400 at the dentist in the near future, and that I’m naturally healing my body!

5 Responses to “Did You Know You Can Reverse Cavities?”

  1. Lauren

    Wow! This is awesome! I’ll admit, I had serious doubts, but this sounds amazing! Encouraging too for someone who also hates the dentist 🙋 and can use this to prevent cavities!

  2. Cynthia

    Check out Bio Dent from Standard Process. I found out two weeks ago my 4 year old had 3 cavities, and I did the same thing you did: hopped on the internet to see what I could do naturally before doing fillings. We are doing 10 tablets of bio dent and 2 servings of fermented cod liver oil daily. I haven’t restricted his diet too much because I want to be realistic about long term habits when it comes to tooth care…and he’s four. However, I do think I need to restrict more than I am for at least a few months. My husband isn’t convinced it is going to work, so we have reached an agreement that I have 3 months for them to heal before we will fork out the money to pay for fillings, but I am glad these are his baby teeth so I can learn now and hopefully avoid being in this spot again!

  3. Laurel

    I would say be careful. Oil pulling and reminerlization are really important and helpful. Also arresting a cavity ‘s growth is possible. From what I understand though, once you have infected teeth you will want to get the infection out!

  4. Suzanne Thazard

    This article is so helpful, thank you :) I am starting today. I wonder though, how do you get enough calories every day without grains? It’s been my battle, I tend to eat less than 1000 calories a day without grains.

    • You are welcome! I don’t actually count calories anymore so I’m not really sure. But if you are doing the diet like it says, you will be consuming a very decent amount of healthy fat through meat and dairy so I have a feeling the calorie count would be fairly high.

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