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In case you missed it, I had to take a two month break from the Living Home. You can read more about it here. Basically, I have just been very busy. I’ve lots to do, but I don’t like to feel like I’m drowning in it. Living Home blogs were something I could set on the back burner for a few months while I tried to catch up on other things in my life.

I’ve missed blogging and writing! Let’s just say I have a very long list on my phone of blog post ideas. I’m excited to get back into, and I have some really fun and new things to share. Here’s a sneak peak…

1 | My $180 completely toxic free living room wall makeover

2 | Learning about emergency preparedness while at the same time not freaking out – lots of these sites I’ve been reading have fear all over them. I’m working on gaining wisdom while not getting fearful.

3 | Room tour. I’m dying to go through my rooms and give you a tour and share tips on how I’ve made them each more eco-friendly and toxic free.

4| Finances. I love working with money and numbers and always have. I’ve decided to do a mini-series of posts on finances. I can’t wait to write more. It’s one of my secret passions! I love to see people manage and steward their money well.

5 | Fermenting. My current obsession. I’ve been reading The Art of Fermentation that I got from the library. I’ve currently mastered sauerkraut (which I’m still learning to like) and kombucha tea.

6| Landscaping with native plants to your area. And finding ones that have medicinal and food value.

Okay, there are lots more where those came from. I’m full of fun ideas for what’s ahead. Comment below if you have anything you’d love to know more about, and I’ll work on researching and posting about them!


I’m still not completely feeling balanced in my daily life. I’ve been an emotional rollercoaster some days which is not my normal. I’m a pretty steady girl so when I’m struggling on a regular basis I know things need to change.

Like I mentioned in my post from a few months ago, I LOVED everything I was doing. Truly. I looked forward to everything, but it simply was too much. I’ve been able to make a few changes that have helped. One of those was dropping helping my husband with his small business. I’ve been helping him for 7 years so I hated to step out, but we have an amazing assistant. She’s been working with my husband for about 4 years so she knows him well, and she’s a champ for getting a lot of things done. I feel great passing the reins off to her. I’m hoping to be completely transitioned out of that business by the end of the year.

We also have an AirBNB studio on our property that I’ll write more about in the future. It’s made more income than we were expecting. Our main goal is to use the money to pay off our house early. But for the next 6 months, we’ve decided to take that income and hire some help. We’ve hired a girl for 16 hours a week that will help me with the kids and with outdoor work.

I’m realizing more and more that I need a regular break from our children. I LOVE them, and LOVE being around them. But I’m also an introvert who really loves quiet. Children are anything but quiet. Since I’m homeschooling them and running two business out of our home, I spend a lot of time with the kids and in our house. Having a girl help us out during the week has made me a much better mom. I can run errands, catch up on work without interruptions, and work outside on the farm alone in peace and quiet. So the investment of having someone help us, has helped me feel much more at peace. I’m able to get done what I need to, but also feel like I’m present to the children when I am with them. So far, this is my favorite change I’ve made the past two months.

Exciting News!

One other exciting development is my first ever online class! I’m teaching The Clean Life with Kezia at the Whole Food Diary. We’ve done the class four times before in Redding, our hometown. We always get people asking for us to take it online. Thanks to my amazing, and tech savvy husband, it is finally happening! We are live streaming the class this coming Saturday, November 5 from 9-11am PST. BUT if you can’t watch it live, the video will be up for a week. Then 48 hours later, we will be live streaming a Q&A video with any questions people have posted. If you are interested, tickets are only $15 (and you get a free eBook with a lot of material). More info is here on the Eventbrite website.

My Plan From Here

I love plans and predictability. That being said, I’m back on track to posting twice a week. You can expect a post to go up from me on Mondays and Thursdays starting next week. I’m excited to get back to it. If you haven’t yet, sign up for my mailing list here. I only send out emails once a week. I’ll give you a run down of what posts are going up as well as any new workshops I am hosting. I promise not to bombard your inbox. Nothing drives me more crazy so I won’t do it to you!

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