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Well, I’m back in baby world. I just had #3, and he’s 3 1/2 years younger than my #2. Needless to say, I’ve had a couple of years of no baby things, but now I’ve gotten back in the swing of things. I kept a lot of things from my first and second child to use with my #3, but I’ve also found some new companies over the years with products I really like and trust. I wanted to share my top 5 companies of where I purchase items for my children. Most of them are baby products, but a few of them also have products for older children as well. All of them are companies I trust and have proven to provide truly non-toxic children’s items.

1 | Little Spruce Organics

Little Spruce Organics is by far my favorite company to purchase children’s items from. They carry all sorts of brands, and every single thing I have seen on their website is truly a safe and non-toxic product. I bought this blanket for my newest, and I absolutely love it. I’ve bought one set each year of these pajamas for my oldest children, and I also bought my daughter these shoes this summer (which I also blogged about here). Oftentimes, the items from Little Spruce are higher priced, but it is because they are very high quality and extremely safe. I buy from this company as often as I can afford it. I really trust them and have loved every single item I’ve bought from them.

2 | Ecoleeko

I found Ecoleeko about 5 years ago. The owner is a lady in New York that makes everything by hand and from safe and organic materials. When I think about keeping chemicals out of my children’s life, I think about what they spend the most time with. Things such as mattresses (read more here), bedding, clothing, blankets, and stuffed animals are all at the top of my list. At all times, they usually have one or several of those items with them. One thing that has been important to me is to make sure that my children’s favorite stuffed animal is a safe one. Many stuffed animal you’d normally buy are made from polyester. They are synthetic and made from chemicals. These stuffed animals at Ecoleeko are 100% organic (all the way to the thread used!) and filled with organic wool, cotton, or nut shells. We LOVE them. Just look at the picture below to see how well loved my son’s “Platy” is. The lady who owns the company is so kind and has even sent me a replacement “Platy” tail when my son rubbed all the way through his over the years. We’ve since bought a second Platy as a replacement when needed, because our Platy #1 is on his last leg (literally!). Again, the stuffed animals are more expensive than picking up one at Walmart, BUT they are safe… and personally, I want my children snuggled up each nap time and bedtime with something safe and non-toxic. It’s worth the extra money!

3 | Palumba

I found the Palumba website on my hunt for non-toxic dishes. You can read more about that here. I love Palumba, because they have all sorts of non-toxic items for children. From dishes to toys, they carry lots of wooden options that can help you get the plastic out of baby or older children’s lives. Although, I’ve mostly purchased dishes from Palumba, I’ve also gotten a few toys. I have this rattle, and I was looking at this dollhouse before I found one on Craigslist for my daughter. They are a great website for simple and safe children’s toys.

4 | Natursutten

When my first child was born I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a pacifier or not. I definitely would not let them have one past 6 months old. Well, let’s just say that “rule” went out the window. My first child was obsessed with her pacifier, and I am slightly embarrassed to say I let her have it until just before her 5th birthday (yikes!). When she was born, I knew I didn’t want to do a traditional pacifier made from (what I believe to be) toxic chemicals so I found an alternative. Natursutten makes their products from rubber from a rubber tree with no synthetics or additives. You do have to replace the pacifiers every 8-12 weeks, because they start to break down after lots of use since they are a natural product. All my children have used Natursutten pacifiers, and I am constantly being asked about them by other moms (mostly, because they look so different than the normal pacifier). Natursutten now makes glass bottles and rubber nipples also so I’ve bought a  few of those to try with my new guy when I occasionally need to pump. Mostly, I buy their products off of Amazon and am able to get Prime shipping.

5 | DorDor & GorGor

I recently found this company, and I am so happy that I did! I was searching for organic cotton clothing for my soon-to-be newborn son. The problem with finding organic clothing for children is oftentimes it’s expensive, and even if it isn’t, it’s often been dyed. I don’t usually trust the dye that has been used. It seems like I’m doing no good if I buy an organic outfit but then the cotton has been bleached and dyed with chemicals. THAT is why I was so happy to find this company. Apparently, cotton grows in three shades. DorDor and GorGor use those three shades of cotton to make different organic and un-dyed cotton outfits. They do have some outfits with colors, but they use safe vegetable dyes. I found a lot of their clothing on Amazon. The price was so good that I was afraid they would be low quality clothes, but I was wrong! The clothes are great quality, and I am so happy with them. My newborn son has several pajamas and onesies from them. I will continue to order most of his clothes from this company until he outgrows them (sadly, they only make clothes up to 24 months), and I’m so excited at how reasonably priced they are.

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  1. Katharyn

    I am so loving your blog Lauren! Thank you for taking the time to write it! You have inspired me so far to 1. Make my own deodorant – I did the RiddleLove recipe and so far so good! 2. To buy wooden bowls for my babies to eat from once they start on solids 3. To research organic toy companies over here in the UK – I’ve just received my two first soft toys for my babies.
    Thank you!! I would love to read about children’s ‘quiet times’ at some point. The reason behind them, how to introduce them and when etc…. I have so much to learn now that I’m a Mummy!

    • Wow! So amazing! I’m doing a post on quiet time next week so that will have more info. Also, on my husband’s Facebook public figure (Seth Dahl), you’ll find a Facebook live video about it (it’s about the 40th video down). Quiet time is by far my favorite thing we do at our house!

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