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We are big learners in my family. My husband and I are continually learning. We love to read, and we also love to watch documentaries every now and then. It’s how we stay inspired about what we love, especially health. So if someone recommends a good health book or a documentary, we are usually checking it out immediately. Here are some of my favorite that we’ve read or watched over the past few years…


My Top Resources:

1 | Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. I absolutely love this book. Somehow, Seth found it on Twitter several years ago and ordered it for me as a surprise. It completely changed how I view our home. I always wanted to reduce the waste in my home but wasn’t sure where to start. Bea is such an inspiration for where I want to be someday, and she does a great job of giving tips and advice on reducing waste.

2 | Food Matters This is a great intro documentary to health. It’s one of the first ones my husband and I watched together, and it really inspired us to keep moving forward in our health journey.

3 | French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon. My friend Katie, at Riddlelove, recommended this book to me. It’s become one of the books I recommend the most to moms. She’s an American author who moves to France with her French husband and their two children. It’s all about her journey of how differently Americans and French view foods starting from the time they are children. It is an amazing read, and I walked away from it drastically changing my approach to how I feed my children.

4 | Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead My husband was in NYC walking through the farmer’s market years ago when he ran across a booth advertising this documentary. He met Joe Cross and was invited to the premier in NY. He went and loved it. We’ve watched it several times since. Again, this is one of the documentaries we recommend the most to people just beginning their health journey.

5 | Slow Death by a Rubber Duck by Smith & Lourie. This book is a bit more technical, but a must read if you are interested in detoxing your home. The two authors go over the most common and toxic chemicals found throughout your home and back it up with a lot of research.

6 | Food Inc. Again, one of the documentaries my husband and I first watched. It’s a great one for people who are just beginning to get interested in changing their eating lifestyle.

7 | Fed Up This is a fairly new documentary out about sugar. Wow. It is eye opening. You’ll walk away changed and viewing sugar drastically different than before you saw the film.

8 | Stink This documentary just came out. My husband and I watched it two weeks ago. Again, wow! It is eye opening. It really nails the fragrance industry and how so much is hidden from us. Fragrance is in EVERYTHING and oftentimes full of cancer causing chemicals.

9 | The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. This is a must have for anyone with a small farm or homestead. Carla was an amazing woman who basically knew about everything related to homesteading. Her book covers every topic you could possibly think of. It’s a great go-to resource when you have questions about anything land, raising animals, or homesteading related. It’s one of my favorites.

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