Summer is Here!

And it has been busy! I love being efficient, but I hate being busy. But I also understand, there are just times in life that “busy” is just gonna happen. As long as I don’t always feel busy, I’m fine if there are months here or there where everything just seems to pile on. We had a lot happening in May and June. We closed on our new house, had a new baby, and got a new dog. I have a horse coming in a week or two, and we should have about 15-20 new baby chicks hatching soon too (we had 4 hens go broody at once!). Here’s some snapshots from my Instagram account of what’s been going on with me…

1 | This was our first day at our new house. If you didn’t get to read about it, I wrote about it here. We LOVE our new place. It’s perfect for us. It was a bit of a crazy few weeks though. We closed on the house. The next day my husband left for South Africa for two weeks. Two days after he got back, we moved. And two weeks later, our third child was born.

2 | Here’s our orchard. We have about 20 fruit and nut trees at our new house. Most of them are young, but everything is producing something. We just got plums this past week, and they were delicious! Grapes and peaches should be ready soon!

3 | Cherries! We have a road side stand about 1 mile from our house that we pass every single day. I’m not 100% sure these are organic so I make sure to wash them in vinegar and soapy water. I usually don’t buy produce unless I know it hasn’t been sprayed, but several times a year, I make an exception… and cherries is one of them.

4 | I love to have everything organized. I’m completely unpacked, but not everything is organized in our new house yet. It drives me a bit crazy. I’m taking it room by room and trying to do a little bit every day. My bulk cabinet was a priority though! I don’t know why, but as long as this cabinet is organized, I feel much better about life!

5 | This is our new dog, Max. We got him from a shelter for my daughter’s birthday. I’ve always had dogs that are 80 pounds or more so this is my first experience with a little guy. Turns out he is VERY old (which I knew), mostly blind (which I didn’t know), and mostly deaf (also, didn’t know). I love rescuing dogs so none of those things bother me, but he has been more work than we were expecting. He must have been spoiled at some point, because he has some bad manners we are working on un-doing. All in all though, we’ve had him about 4 weeks now, and he’s starting to become a part of the family now. He drove me crazy for several weeks, but his manners are improving so my love for him is increasing.

6 | My parents came to visit for about two weeks. They live in Tennessee. My dad is an engineer and very handy so I always have a list full of things for him to do when he is here. This visit was no exception. Him and I spent a lot of time in Lowe’s and Home Depot. Two of my favorite stores to shop at.

7 | We got to go back to our old rental to check out the garden. Because we got some late rains here which is unusual for our area, my garlic actually survived. We were able to harvest around 100 heads. They are currently curing on my back porch.

8 | And the biggest news is our new little one, Aero Hawk Dahl. He was born at home which you can read about here. He’s doing great, and it’s so fun to have a little one again. There’s 3.5 years between him and my second youngest. I feel like I’m able to enjoy him more, because my older two children are more independent, and at an age where they can do a lot for themselves now. They also LOVE having a baby around. It’s cute to see how much they love him.

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