Becoming Spring

We’ve had some beautiful weather the past week or two. It’s been absolutely amazing to get outside. Part of me is sad though. We have a very intense summer where I live. It doesn’t rain from May until October, and the temperatures June-September are between 100-115 degrees. So as much as I love the sunny spring weather we are having, part of me is sad that winter is already over where we live.

There are some huge positives to spring though. My children have spent about 6-8 hours a day outside for the past week. Our garden is getting started and the lake on the property we rent is full. As you can see from the top photo, we are loving being able to canoe on the lake. Here are some of my Instagram snapshots from the past couple of weeks.

1 | The hens are loving the weather. Most of them are finally old enough to be laying eggs, and the warm weather has helped that too. We’ve been getting 9-11 eggs per day which is much better than the 2-3 we were getting for months. They are finally earning their keep.

2 | Because we live in California, I have the amazing ability to head over to a friend’s farm to get my organic olive oil. He has 20 acres of 120+ year old trees. They are beautiful! He gives me a bulk discount, because I come to the farm to get my oil, and I also bring my own container.

3 | We found a stunning oak tree on our property. My daughter and her cat love to climb it together. Although, my daughter is quite disappointed each time she can’t get as high as the cat.

4 | We have one horse at the moment. Abby, our Norwegian Fjord. We had a cold and windy day a few days ago that had her feeling wonderful! I guess because she’s Norwegian bloodlines, she much prefers the cold weather.

5 | It’s been all things garden lately! Harvesting our fall garden goodies of brussel sprouts and broccoli. My midwife said I need to get my iron up, so it’s a wonderful thing when all that the garden is producing is dark green veggies high in iron.

6 | Getting our spring peas in. I went a bit crazy this year. I have no idea how many feet of peas I put in, but it is a lot. Every year, the peas never make it from the garden to the house, because we eat them all in the garden. I’m hoping my massive planting equals a massive harvest so that we can actually have extra peas to bring inside.

7 | I recruited the whole family to help with pea planting. Even my mom! We pulled back wood chips, softened up the soil, planted peas, and covered them back up. I planted them on the fence line in hopes they will grow up the fence instead of having to put stakes and string in for them to grow up.

8 | While my mom was visiting she introduced me to brussel chips. She tossed the leaves in olive oil and salt then baked them. Wow! They were so tasty!

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