I always love the way a fresh and clean house feel. I’ve noticed over the years that when people had live indoor plants, it made their home feel more clean and cozy. I’ve always wanted to having some but have just never made it a priority. I’d look at them when I was at a local hardware store or nursery, but I could never bring myself to spend money on them. I had read somewhere that they did help detox the air, so when my daughter was born I bought one for her room. That was 6 years ago, and I’m just now getting around to putting more in my home.

How I Fell In Love

A colleague at my husband’s work came up to him a few months ago and asked if he or I might want some indoor plants. Knowing I’m all about plants, he said sure. She handed him a bag full of cuttings that had rooted (I’ll explain more in a bit) and told him what to do. He brought them home, and I was so excited! Free indoor plants! I sent her a thank you email, and she told me to come over anytime to get more. I promptly took her up on it. I took a bunch of pots and some potting soil, and she loaded me up with indoor plants.

This was only two months ago, but I might be obsessed now. I love how they look in my house. I love that it’s a way to decorate without chemicals, toxins, or “fake” décor. I love that they clean the air in my home. And I love that they make my house feel fresh and clean. Basically, they bring outside inside.

Clean Air Benefits

Indoor plants really do clean the air. NASA did a study in the 1980’s and found that some indoor plants do a better job than others at cleaning the air. They all clean air, but there are some that are better at detoxing your home. Here are a few they say are best: aloe vera (also wonderful when you burn yourself), spider plant, snake plant, golden pothos, chrysanthemum, English ivy, warneck dracaena, chinese evergreen, heart leaf philodendron, peace lily and more.

Indoor plants can absorb carbon dioxide, VOC’s including but not limited to benzene (found in plastics, fabrics, pesticides), and formaldehyde (found in many things in a home). A lot of VOC’s have been linked to cancer, asthma, nausea, and respiratory illnesses.

Getting Plants for Free

You can purchase indoor plants at many hardware stores or nurseries. But if you are like me, they just weren’t a high enough priority on my budget to ever get purchased. If you can find a friend that has indoor plants, just ask for their cuttings or shoots. Some indoor plants grow long and leggy. You simply snip off at least 8” of a few of the leggy runners, pull off the bottom few leaves, and stick them all in a glass of water. Eventually, where you pulled those leaves off, roots will grow. Once you have enough roots, you can plant them in potting soil. Some other plants propogate differently. You can simply snip off a succulent and put it in soil. It will take root. You might have to research individual plants and how they best propogate, but it really is simple with just a little care. If you have some pots, soil, and a friend with indoor plants you can start your own indoor plants very easily!


I clean my house on the same day every week so that is also the same day I check to see what plants need to be watered. I’m dusting all the furniture anyways, so it’s no extra work to check the plants that are on those pieces of furniture. Some of my plants only need water every other week while others appreciate a good once a week watering. This keeps me from killing any, and I can also check to make sure they look healthy.

All plants love a bit of sunlight. Some of mine are in the direct sunlight from a window and others are across the room. I just keep an eye on the ones that are not by a window to make sure they stay healthy looking. If they start to droop or get brown leaves, I move them to the window to see if that helps.

I am by no means a professional indoor plant person. I really don’t know much about them other than I LOVE having them. But with very little care and awareness, I’ve been able to keep 15-20 plants alive and thriving very easily. I’m excited to learn more about propagating them so I can create more indoor plants for free from what I already have. I’d love to add an indoor tree or two at some point as well. For now though, I’m enjoying what I’ve got and loving the idea that they look amazing as décor and that they are doing a great job at keeping the air in my house clean.

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