This Winter

It’s been an interesting few months for me. Pregnant with #3 and very sick because of it. Seems each of my pregnancies I get progressively more sick, and this one was no different. Spent 10 weeks on the bed or the couch. It’s been a rainy winter though, so I did feel slightly better about not getting things done outside on the farm since I wouldn’t have been able to anyways with all the rain.

But, thankfully, at 20 weeks I’m finally feeling semi-normal. As long as I eat every 15-20 minutes (yes, it’s annoying), I can function like a normal human again. So, although, I’m very tired of eating food, and I’m never hungry, I make sure I eat basically all day so that I can feel good and be productive.

Being sick for so long really threw me off, but I feel like the past couple of weeks I’ve been catching up on life. It feels great. I’m playing with the kids. Doing a decent job homeschooling our youngest. And catching up on the two small businesses my husband and I own and operate.

Here’s some snapshots off my Instagram from the past few weeks.

1 | We’ve been waiting for our clementines to ripen. They’ve been tart for the past few weeks. They never did get sweet (even when they began falling off the tree), but the kids don’t mind too much.

2 | We’ve had lots of rain. We aren’t complaining (thankful that it could mean the end of a long drought), but it does mean that any time the sun does peak through, we are outside!

3 | Yes, that’s our giant dog begging for a steak (which she did not get). We love our old english mastiff. She’s an amazing guard dog and family dog even if she does slobber enough to make you cringe.

4 | Warm, seasonal dish inspired by my mom. She forgot she had planted cabbage and when she went out to her garden for the first time in months, she found a ton of cabbage and made this great dish!

5 | Started some of our seeds this past week. This is one of my daughters favorite parts about gardening. I’ll be blogging soon on different ways to do your own garden this summer.

6 | Like I said, when it’s sunny, we are outside. Four weeks ago, we were walking on dry land across this lake. It’s so nice to be canoeing across it instead!

7 | Rainy day spent inside cooking up some seasonal persimmon muffins. I, personally, don’t like the fruit just plain so I add it to muffins which the kids devour in one day.

8 | Oranges are finally ripening! Although, I’ve made myself a few tart glasses of OJ trying to rush the process. Also, our hens are finally producing a decent amount of eggs per day. For months, we were getting 1-2 eggs out of 16 hens. Not fun. And of course, the collards are always growing. A great winter crop in our area.

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