What Has Been Going On With Me

Spring is Almost Here!

I’ve been off social media for the last few months. And it feels good! I’ve never been in love with social media, but I often found myself spending more time on it than I wanted. So, to save some brain space and time, I hopped off of it. But here’s a little update of what’s been going on in my life since you can’t find it on Instagram anymore.

1 | We LOVE living only an hour away from lots of snow. I don’t think I’d do well living in lots of snow, but we can drive one hour and be in Lassen National Park. We had been trying to take the kids sledding all winter, but various things kept getting in the way. But we finally made it! We’ve gone twice the last two weeks. The kids love it! Well, until they get cold. And then there is a massive amount of whining, parents trying to stay patient, and quickly packing up and getting in the warm car.

2 | As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news, California has gotten a massive amount of rain. Which we need. We knew we lived in a flood plain (our flood insurance is crazy high!), and now we know exactly what that entails. Water never got close to the house, but this happened several times. My neighbor had warned me to put everything in the barn up on pallets. I put everything up on 1 pallet. It wasn’t enough! I should have put it up on 3. Yikes. Nothing got ruined, but I will spend the dry summer getting everything up higher for next winter.

3 | We got goats! Our neighbor is a goat farmer. He has a large herd. Three babies got either separated from their moms or super sick and were too weak to nurse. We’ve been bottle feeding them for all of January and February. We will keep two of them and give one back. They are super cute. I’ve never wanted goats (I thought they were too obnoxious), but I’ve fallen in love with these cuties.

4 | We finally saw some sun last week! And a beautiful rainbow to go along with it.

5 | I am also, currently, growing a massive amount of weeds. In there somewhere are carrots. Sadly, I planted a lot in the fall but didn’t maintain the beds very well. I’m going to do better with my summer garden, I hope!

6 | Argula. I love growing this in my garden. It’s so easy to grow and a great addition to any salad. I love letting it flower out, because the flowers are edible and look beautiful on the top of any salad.

7 | Meet Luke. My 15 1/2 year old labrador. I have no idea how he has lived this long, but we love it! We are soaking in every day with him, because we never know when it will be his last. Although, he’s still super healthy other than his back legs don’t work so well. So he might surprise and be around for a bit longer!

8 | Obviously, it’s shedding season. I can’t say I enjoy this time of year with horses. They look terrible, and I always end up with massive amounts of hair all over me. I’m ready for their sleek summer coat!

9  My fall garden did terribly. Something ate a bunch of my transplants, and I never got around to figuring out what it was. Everything is stunted. Brooklyn is grabbing a piece of kale off what should be a massive plant by this time.

10 | Our littlest guy is still recovering from whooping cough. If you missed that drama, you can read about it here. He’s doing much better though. Almost crawling, and he LOVES dogs. It’s so cute.

Well, that’s a bit about what has been happening in my life! I hope you all are enjoying spring if it’s already started to come your way. I always am a bit sad when winter is over, but I must say, this year I am looking forward to a bit of sunshine. I love rain, but I could use a break from it all!

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